Florida Organics Regulations

Below you can find a comprehensive list of State regulations and policy memos related to composting in Florida.   Check the new FORCE brochure that explains the rule change 62-709 [click here].

Regulatory Websites related to Organics Recycling (pdf)

The following link will bring you to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Composting and Organics Recycling website.

Compost, yard trash, and farming policy memos

In addition the following link will take you to the FDEP’s Composting/Organics Recycling main page which contains other organics recycling resources.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection Composting Resources

If you have questions regarding the regulations please contact your local FDEP office or go the Contact FORCE  page at the FDEP website.

Florida Composting Regulatory Report 2006

This report compares the organics regulations from several states to provide an analysis of Florida’s solid waste regulations for organics recycling facilities and recommendations to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP).¬† It is hoped that this report will 1) support the conclusion that Florida’s organics recycling regulations need to be updated, 2) help FDEP establish a schedule for revising the compost regulations; and 3) provide useful information during a potential, future regulatory revision process. ¬†Ultimately, the information in this report will provide comparative information to help revise Florida composting regulations that further enhance diversion and proper management of organic wastes and encourage growth and diversification of the organics recycling industry in Florida.

Final Report

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