62-709 RULE

62-709 Rule

This page is dedicated to statewide activities for rulemaking, specifically 62-709.  It also is intended to provide education and awareness information, implementation of organics recycling regulations, information on the environmental aspects of compost production and use, marketing and processing for permitting or registration applications as it relates to the rules governing organics recycling operations.


Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection 62-709 Links

To visit the current rule visit – https://www.flrules.org/gateway/ChapterHome.asp?Chapter=62-709


FORCE FL Organics Recycling Training Modules: Composting in an Integrated Solid Waste Mgt. (ISWM) System

FORCE Training – Scroll to the bottom to find the training modules


Florida Composting Council (FLCC) 62-709 Work Group and Sub-Work Groups

FLCC Website


FLCC Meetings Held to Date

9/11/23 – FLCC 62-709 Rule Change Kick-off

10/23/23 – FLCC Work Group Interest for 62-709 Rule Change Recommendations


Work Group Sub-Groups Established

All-In Removal
Bioenergy Devco
Collins Organics Consulting
Gaston Tree Debris Recycling LLC
Hill Consulting
Kessler Consulting, Inc.
Lee County Solid Waste
Life Soils
O-Town Compost
Recycle Florida Today
TerraNutri LLC
Wasteprogreen LLC
We Are Planning

Documents and feedback received for review and discussion

  1. Final Updated Master Comments Received – 62-709 – FLCC Track Changes –10.18.2023.pdf
  2. Atlas Organics – Final Suggestions Table 62-709 10.12.23.pdf
  3. Kessler Consultants Inc. FORCE – TM_62709RuleUpdate2023_Final.pdf
  4. View Document – California Code of Regulations.pdf
  5. Comments – Additional comments included below sent from Lorrie Rossiter.

Sub-Groups Focused on the Following Rule Areas

  1. 62-709.200 Definitions
  2. 62-709.300 (8) Compost and 62-709.350 Specific Criteria for Registrations of Facilities Composting Vegetative Waste, Animal By-Products or Manure or Blending Manure and 62-709.530 Testing, Recording and Reporting Requirements and 62-709.550 Classification of Compost and 62-709.600 Criteria for the Use of Compost
  3. 62-709.320 General Provisions for Registrations
  4. Anaerobic Digestion
  5. 62-709.305 Exemptions